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Halifax Highland Dancing Association


About Us

The Halifax Highland Dancing Association, HHDA, was established in 1978 to promote Highland Dancing in Halifax and surrounding areas. HHDA is a not for profit, parent & teacher-sponsored organization that relies entirely on its volunteers.

In addition to promoting longstanding cultural traditions, highland dancers learn and appreciate the athletic and performance challenges, competition, and camaraderie of the sport.

HHDA is the proud sponsor of the Halifax Highland Open Championship, Citadel Open Premiership and Spring & Fall Competitions each year. Benefits of membership include, in addition to competitions, workshops with top ranked Canadian and international teachers and adjudicators and scholarship opportunities.

2016/2017 HHDA Executive

President – Joanne Treen

Vice President – Kari Shannon

Past President – Glenda Huxtable

Secretary – Heather Daigle

Treasurer – Jessica MacLeod

Members at Large – Beverly Chapman, Shelley McNeil, Carolyn Spears, Sandra Hotchkiss, Shannon Richards, Jennifer Worthen, Erin Brien, Heather Daigle, Andrea Matheson, Heidi Devlin, Jeanette Smith, Jennifer Woolaver, Gina Jones, Laura Taverner, Julia Kelly